Weddings: Simply, heart (Bluewater Grill)

“Thank you so much!! You guys were so wonderful. It was the perfect evening and you created the perfect ambience!!” – Nicki + Tristen 

When you book P+M for you wedding, it says a lot about you. Well, we aren’t exactly your typical strummy top 40s duo. Polkadot mainly thumb-glides her jazz comps on the tenor ukulele, and Moonbeam walks all over the fretboard madly swinging, and their harmonies mark an old-fashioned sensibility that spells ‘vintage’. 

All the couples we have played for have all become very unforgettable to us as a result of that. That understanding and appreciation for our sound and pursuit for the ‘lovely, delightful and true’ in each of our duet arrangements is just priceless. Someone once said “All friendships stem from some degree of admiration and appreciation”. It is business, and we strive to give only our best, but our best is always from the heart. 

So in a huge way, we couldn’t help but feel that connection with Nicki when she promptly booked the band upon the first enquiry. 

Bluewater Grill turned out to be equally matched in heart. Beautiful earnest staff and gorgeous sunset view, and the lovely alfresco where the band was setup… it was the foundation of an unforgettable night with close friends you could sing, dance, party all night with, and family you could hug, kiss, snuggle up with under the stars.

A few tinkly ukulele-bass instrumentals – Hoagy Carmichael, Frank Loesser…. and more classic swing tunes from Sinatra and Ellington to get the feet a-tappin’, hips a-swayin’. Good times. Nicki overflowin’ with joy was just the best. We bless the lovely couple with a beautiful journey ahead of them.