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Weddings: Of Popcorn, Pups & P+M!

This was a wedding which I will always remember as ‘The One The Clouds Cleared Up for Their Union’. It was 12degrees on 7th October 2017, this Saturday just passed. The breathtaking venue ‘Quarry Amphitheatre’ stood all ready for L.O.V.E. for the afternoon’s ceremony.

Thank you guys so much!! You did such an amazing job!! And sorry if my boys were trying to sing along/bark at your beautiful music! So glad you we went to that wedding expo where we met you two! ❤️ awesome work xx – Stephanie + Kalvin

We met Stephanie and Kalvin at Sandalford Winery, and since then never could forget this lovely girl with kindness in her eyes. We also noticed how Kalvin was unabashed, cheeky, in requesting for an Ed Sheeran song impromptu then. Moonbeam even threw in a dance, I recall…I think it was then i thought, what an interesting pair. This was definitely one of those complimenting relationships. So when the wonderful celebrant Luke Firth shared a speech about how grateful Kalvin is grateful for the bride’s empathetic disposition, and how he made her laugh and had no problems laughing at himself too, it reminded me of how Moonbeam just cracks. me. up. An onlooker I guess might be inclined to think i’m laughing at him, but i’m really being so entertained, my sides crack. And Moonbeam thinks that’s his place in my life, and he gets to shine. It warmed my heart to know this young pair will start their lives together with their little pups – Tiny & Kawaii, and have the blessings of so many dear friends and families. 

Dog whisperer Moonbeam

Dog whisperer Moonbeam

I will lift a little pre-blog i’d posted on instagram to illustrate the day of fun. It reflected a thoughtful couple, their families and friends – everyone present had something to do. The children, the pups, the guests and their families, were having a real(!) picnic celebration for and with the couple they so love. 

What a privilege playing for K+S’s wedding yesterday at such an amazing space. The acoustics! 🙌 The sun broke out just for the lovely bride and groom today at their ceremony at @quarryamphitheatre spilling over the stage and greens. Moonbeam took such a brilliant sun-splashed shot of me at our little break. Popcorn, games, and yummy food catering by @ultimo_catering Even in the midst of a cold front, the warmth from these vendors and the love from everyone plus the miracle splash of sun spot on at ceremony was just golden! Did I mention the bride and groom had their pups Kawaii + Tiny (we 💛 you as much as you love to ‘talk’) as ringbearers? Too cute. 💍 Congrats our wonderful ‘Volleyball 🏐 + Entrepreneur’ lovebirds! 😉✨✨✨ . . Met some genuinely lovely people today, @lukefirthcelebrant (thank youuu!) @rod_munoz_ (your idea was Super thanks! 👌) @eightyeightevents @heytherepoppy_perth 💕 @hiresociety @jasonsoonphotography ✌️- Nicola from Ultimo catering (The weather challenged but you aced(!), thanks for everything!) 💕 . . . . . . . #perthweddings #perthbrides #outdoorweddings #perthlivemusic #polkadotandmoonbeam #apugnosedream #quarryamphitheatre #weddings #acousticduoperth #vintageacoustic #jazzduoperth #ukulele #ukuleleperth #ukulelejazz #fourstringswing #gardenweddings #gamesatweddings #popcornweddings #weddingmusicperth #winterinspring #weddingsperth #weddingswa

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Thank you Steph & Kal for having us play for you. Quarry Amphitheatre was a brilliant location, with amazing acoustics any muso would LOVE to play at. We were incredibly blessed. Here’s wishing the both of Mr & Mrs Chow an amazing walk together for a verrrry loooong time. <3




Polkadot + Moonbeam celebrate their wedding anniversary!

Yes, it was our 4th year of marriage together last week. And truly now that we have come just that little bit, we learn that everyday continues to be a day of learning. Someone once said that falling in love is an accident, but staying in love is hard work. And that is true. If we believed in the former, what would happen if we meet another ‘accident’? If we were entirely honest, we know LOVE is more than a feeling. It is a commitment, a covenant to each other. 

Just 4 years married

It seems easy for the 2 pocket-sized people that we are, you’d think that meant ‘smaller’ problems too…eh? But we are such polar opposites. Love means SACRIFICE. Our sacrifices were not even only our own. That took our families’ and friends’ blessings all along the way. We met each other in 2010 but only committed to marriage because we knew this deep inside. That for us to be together, we need more than 1 miracle, we need an overhaul (and many miracles to follow!). 

And so when we now see another couple holding unto their relationship juggling stuff, so much stuff, and if they even have kids to add, my, that is a LOT of LOVE. 

We had a dessert of tiramisu and brownie in the day because Moonbeam thinks a date is never a date unless it came with sweets. (He isn’t even a sweets-lover). And then we walked home. I made him his cheesecake crumpet, recipe to be shared someday perhaps. I made spag bol which he thinks is the greatest … makes me feel like a queen. We had apple cider in our plastic cups since we don’t drink much, and apple pie to match. I don’t know, but i looked at him ambling down yesterday fussing over something about the supplier of some brochure distribution as we spotted a pile of pamphlets near our place as we walked out, and i just breathed in, gratitude. If everything in our past was too difficult then, it is worth every bit of gratitude to treasure today. I am blessed. We are. Truly.

Polkadot & Moonbeam celebrate!

Thank you for walking with us, blessing our love when it may sometimes seem impossible. 



Polkadot & Moonbeam celebrate their 4th year wedding anniversary.

erm..our sexy guise (our best shot anyway)

Fremantle Wedding Walk 2017 (Esplanade Hotel)

Perth brides, are you ready to do the Fremantle Wedding Walk with us this 12th October 2017? 

Polkadot + Moonbeam is privileged to be joining just a few of WA’s most loved wedding vendors for the Fremantle Wedding Walk from Thursday, 12th October 207, 4:00pm – 8:00pm. 

10 venues and all within walking distance of each other. Relaxed, creative and historic –  You know that Thursday is the new Friday, and Friday really is just the start of Saturday! Let us croon a warm welcome for you at the beautiful historic Esplanade Hotel!

Polkadot + Moonbeam @ Fremantle Wedding Walk 2017 (Esplanade Hotel)

Polkadot + Moonbeam @ Fremantle Wedding Walk 2017 (Esplanade Hotel)

This wonderful event is sponsored by Nestle & Porter, Peggy Saas, and The Fremantle Creatives.

And it was a terrific evening playing at Esplanade Hotel Fremantle with some very lovely vendors. Thank you Kate (Endota Spa) for lending us your beautiful furniture and for the photo, Lorna Aylward for being such a wonderful generous spirit, and Michelle Dean Photography (& Marty!) for all the laughs and Spanish! 🙂

Don't ask Moonbeam to pose

Don’t ask Moonbeam to pose

Polkadot + Moonbeam on Endota Spa’s furniture // Photo by: Kate

Fremantle Wedding Walk // Photo by: Peggy Saas