‘The Neighbourhood Song’ by Polkadot + Moonbeam

‘The Neighbourhood Song’ was written when Polkadot skipped down the neighbourhood to catch a bus to the city. A latin groove with a samba feel floated into her mind, and her fingers and toes started dancin’ – then the melody gradually came to form – and she whistled. Later that night, she put it to words. 

‘ Won’t you join us, for a sunny day at the beach…’ – ‘The Neighbourhood Song’ by Polkadot + Moonbeam

It was easy since she always only managed truth in her stories and music, and she didn’t have the knack of making up stuff that wasn’t from her own persona. She was happy. He was happy. It wasn’t all peachy, no life wasn’t. It was hard actually. Starting afresh is always hard. Feeling in the dark is harder. But they were blessed each time someone reached out. A new friend, a neighbour, the puppy birds (magpies – how can they be so mind-blowingly brilliant?!?), the sunsets that flowed over the city skyline,… 

And yes, we have lots of broccoli because i’m seriously worryingly iron-deficient and i can’t take a lot of meat. I also dislike spinach. Hmm. Nope i’m no popeye. So yea broc + carrots were our staple. It was always us calling each other before we go to the nearest Coles, Woolies, or Kong’s. We changed it to Wong’s since it’s a little less guttural – way too crunchy for singing a upbeat latin tune. Also Wong’s may be a little more common. 😉

Last year, before we decided we will move out to our own place, we managed to record this because of a songwriting competition we participated in. We knew jazz wouldn’t quite make it like pop will but we were still hopeful, and most importantly we knew it would kickstart our recording habits that were dormant for a while. And we loved the process. Home-recording can be so creative, and with Polkadot’s experience in studios for the large part of her singing career, and Moonbeam’s savvy know-how with tech, we had an amazing time putting out one of our babies.

Here’s The Neighbourhood Song, full-version. All rights reserved.

Photography: The Studio Loft

Song Title: ‘The Neighbourhood Song’ by (Polkadot + Moonbeam)

Music/Lyrics: Juliet Pang 

Arrangement: Didi Mudigdo

Ukulele/Bass/Vocals: Didi Mudigdo

Melodica/Vocals: Juliet Pang

This year, we hope to put out more of our stories to share with you. And yes we have been asked, when will our album really be out. But we want it to be perfect, so we can’t promise. But it one of our BIGGEST dreams this year. We pray it will come to fruition. 🙂
No, we never dreamed we would come this far with each other. It wasn’t always easy and took many sacrifices, but listening to our songs together, we beamed at each other. No words required.

Thank you for listening and being a part of our 2018. 




Summer Christmas at Little Matcha Girl

We loved singing Christmas songs at Little Matcha Girl last Saturday, thus rounding up our last performance of the year at this blessed little nook. We wish to take this chance to thank everyone for their love, with a very special thank you to the Little Matcha Girl for your warmth every 3rd Saturday morning. This video would not have been possible without you and your generosity. Here’s Jingle Bell Rock by Bobby Helms with that usual twist of swing and sass. Share it as a video card, we packed all the love and fun in it, we hope you like it too. 🙂

With this we wish everyone a blessed season of LOVE. It is just the love of couples, but about loving the people about us. We pray in this new year to have a greater revelation of this four letter word. God bless all of you, young and old, tall or short, chubby or skinny, we love you all. 

xx P+M

A kind soul insisted on a photo of both of us when we saw a Chrissy tree.

That Summer Christmas at Little Matcha Girl

After our gig, more music for our animal friends at the Perth zoo

Fancy an intimate weddings at South Beach, Fremantle?

Ever fancied a beach wedding, or an elopement? If we could do an intimate wedding or elopement we would choose a beach as beautiful as this one at South Beach, Fremantle. 

When Maryann from The Studio Loft approached us for another collaboration on her visit to Perth this trip, we were clapping hands and feet, because this lady’s art is great but her HEART is greater. If you are a small business owner, a couple planning your wedding, or just anyone who ever needed some good images of yourself, you know it’s more than just the lighting, the craft, the moment, though all of that is important, beyond that, is the heart of the artist that makes her subjects feel like they could be themselves. Maryann’s unassuming personality, and her childlikeness, as well as her love for her own family, reflects in her choices of colours, her ideas, …. everything really. That’s what a great artist does for me, brings out the most honest things in people, and that is what touches the heart of me. Truly.  (See article on The Studio Loft)

Our task was to find the best morning spot for Maryann to have an adventure with us at. Western Australia, due to its geographical advantage, is known for its beautiful sunsets. But constrained to the Fremantle zone, i had to do a bit of research to find the best spot for those few hours we had. After much exploration, and also on-site research, we decided to give the lesser recommended, ie beaches (at sunrise) a go. That summer’s day was unusually cloudy and that gave a slightly grandiose effect to the pictures, and reminded me of that significance of covenant in marriage. That very big decision, yes, bigger than dresses, venues, and even wedding invitations. I remember when we got married, it was massive. It took 5 proposals before my yes. And so you know when you know you know.

So yes, but this time, we didn’t know. Our recollection of Scarborough beach matched the images we saw on google for South Beach. But when we arrived, everyone saw a good piece of canvas for fun, creativity and adventure. We had sneak peaks of the fruits of our labour (mostly hers!) and …. I must say, it was better than our wedding pictures…also taken by her! So here’s another underdog moment, and we LOVED it. It was also so nice to hang out and catch up with our lah, leh, and lor-s for a good hour. 

Whilst we are waiting in anticipation for the pictures as Maryann makes her way back to Singapore, she has very wisely taken a video and a still with her phone for us – so wise, since she’d probably expected us to chew our thumbs off in all this excited-ness. 

Thank you Maryann, bless your craft, your eye for art, and your big-heartedness. May it continue to bless many many lucky couples, families and beauty-seeking souls.

And here’s our impromptu video post on instagram taken by the wonderfully talented Maryann, candid moments and all:

Are we getting married AGAIN? 🤪 Here’s a candid impromptu video taken early sunrise yester-morn complete with sound of the waves with our dear and very talented friend @thestudioloft – yes, that’s really what happens in our shoots, lots of LOL moments. . . . The clouds gave a beautiful dramatic effect we were not expecting. And here you actually see the sun making a brief appearance on the rocks, quite spectacular. . . . It is always so much fun working with the cool crew. That’s how adventures happen! Carefully not knowing! Here’s a wind/sea blown version of Moonglow which felt quiet tender and pretty for the south beaches. Doggies swimming, horsies taking long strolls and the amazing Maryann on an adventure with us in the wee.

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If we got married at South Beach

Love this moment of closeness

And that spot of honest sunlight.

The beautiful South Beach