Weddings: Ukulele Jazz at Matilda Bay with Polkadot + Moonbeam

It’s not everyday one gets to enjoy a jazz ukulele performance at the gorgeous Matilda Bay. Gentle waves on the blue waters, and a setting sun behind a quirky tepee!!! Well, Polkadot + Moonbeam sure did! 😉

When we first played at a wedding fair in a tepee (TP&Co), we met the lovely couple, Radhika + Dennis. A few months later, we found ourselves once again reunited with the tepee (tipi) by the beautiful Bay. There aren’t that many breath-taking spots just outside the CBD area and Perth definitely has Matilda Bay rockin’ up with a trophy, easily.

Polkadot at the Bay

Polkadot at the Bay

Of course, this wasn’t possible without the highly creative eye… and hands(!) of Jessica Butcher. Once again we have the pleasure of working with her. She understands the use of space, gets beauty and function all at once, and most all, her signature for us, is her use of eucalypts in her table arrangements and room decor. Just spectacular.

Jazz duo Polkadot + Moonbeam lounging outdoors

Jazz duo Polkadot + Moonbeam lounging outdoors

It was so easy just swaying up with our tinkles by the sea over classics like La Mer, The Nearness of You and more. Champagne, cocktails and little dainty savoury delights as we waited for the guests to arrive.

Moonbeam & Sun Rays against the tepee

Moonbeam & Sun Rays against the tepee

We also had the pleasure of meeting Mason and David from mdttography. Young and incredibly talented videographers. Then the DJs Hester and Lester brought the soul unto the dance floor for the evening. R+D’s very cute and groovy entrance opened the night’s celebrations as P+M made their way back to their little automobile, watching the sunset over the horizon.

Weddings: That Twinkly Day at Alverstoke Barn.

“… Thank you for the wonderful music and energy you provided at our wedding last weekend. You were the perfect fit for us! It was so generous of you to collaborate with Joe and to be so accommodating to make the day so special. What a day it was!” – Lizzie + Michael

That day Polkadot + Moonbeam learnt all about ‘twinkliness’…

 We love them and these precious moments so much, we won’t say more than leaving enough of a  mark for us to remember this by. Playing for Uncle Joe for their ceremony tune was so wonderful because it was so real. And so full of heart. I love family participations. Our own wedding in 2013 was all about that. The poems during the ceremony brought me to tears and I really had to tear my eyes from all that beauty to concentrate on our parts. But for those reasons I can hardly imagine how we could possibly forget these 2. 

After our acoustic sets for their pre-dinner drinks, we decided to sit back at the quiet part of the barn where the horse stables were. A pair of horses were grazing. Flocks of pelicans doing their dusk thing. And the sky was an amazing pale fushcia orange and lilac. We decided to pull out our ukuleles and started playing a tune we love. Just the quiet tinkles of the ukuleles, no words required. And out came this little video: ‘Smile’ by Charles Chaplin. 

Smile @ Alverstoke Barn (Instrumental Ukulele Video)
Blessings and love to Lizzie and Michael, twinkle on. ✨

A Hint of Summer @ The Laneway Lounge

Since we are returning to the pug-nosedream on 3rd Dec (possibly our last at this beautiful spot for 2016! – put it down on your calendars) that is The Laneway Lounge in Perth city, I will let you in only to juiciest favourite bits of the evening that had just passed. 

We arrived that night to a colourful sight of tiara-clad ladies all looking lovely and cocktail-flushed, and were informed of the hens’ party that will end before our performance that evening. Later when we started playing and singing Baby It’s Cold Outside, 2 very lovely and slightly intoxicated ladies came up to the stage and shared a little dance. The nicest thing was they thought we were the CD. It was sweet and also made us feel a bit of their ‘bubbly’. Joys are infectious. 😉

A sizeable group of guests joined us when we were in the middle of our 2nd set and they were just the sweetest, moving to our music and clapping enthusiastically to practically every tune that evening. We deliberately chose to play a classic early in the set from Mama Cass ‘Dream A Little Dream’ with a duet arrangement that is about 4 months’ old now, decidedly setting the mood for the sweet young couples spotted at various corners of the room that evening. It seemed that the big groups of friends really enjoyed it too. 

Finally my personal favourite that evening was revisiting Quizas, Quizas, Quizas with an arrangement we put together since 3 years’ ago and performed as a quartet featuring Wendy Phua on bass ukulele and Boon Gee on drums/percussion at the Sentosa Ukulele Festival. 

Summer is eager folks, get your bucket hats, and stay hydrated and very cool. See you soon in December!