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Sakura Sakura...

A Sakura + Matcha Dream

Pink and Green has always been my personal fave combo, and then it dawned on me that Polkadot + Moonbeam were clad in those very sakura and matcha shades that day we performed at Little Matcha Girl cafe in Como that those were their logo colours too! We had a wonderful time swinging jazz standards, some crooned, others quietly ambient and instrumental to match that Cafe Saturday mood.

LOVED playing at @littlematchagirl this morning! ❀ Pink + Green as Tracey cleverly pointed out was the cafe’s logo colours ♡ check out our stories for our menu choices for the day! ✨ ❀ Photo cr: Tracey . . .We know PINK isn’t exactly typical wedding attire but these were THE clothes we wore at our wedding dance. I just love colours. The best bit was our entourage of dancers (we have Amazing friends) doing the Soul Bossa Nova (from Austin Powers) mass dance 😂 , and we made sure every single guest young and old danced with us to our retro & vintage playlist for the rest of the afternoon tea. We went for the 2 Cs – colour and comfort. That’s how we had wanted it. For everyone to be involved and no one to feel left out. Now we have many memories to relive when we do a gig wearing them. ❀ ♡ ♡ ♡ I love the original pyramid patterns and dogs designed by @zibstore that was printed on quality fabric that’s perfect for summer! ❀ #loveandmarriage #pink #zibstore

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My favourite moment was over Moonglow our latest addition to the duet arrangement:

♡ Tony Bennett and KD Lang’s duet of ‘Moonglow’ was always one of our faves. She has a knack for the jazz phrasing, and understood that sentimentality, and Tony, well he’s Tony! This is Polkadot + Moonbeam’s version of Moonglow. This is a long post, and we hope it lifts your Monday as the revelation lifted our weekend. ♡ . . Our friend, and wonderful jazz singer Joy Yates once asked me at one of our sessions together “why do you want to sing”? In all honesty, I don’t have a Ms Universe answer, I’ve always let my heart lead the way, that’s all. Then she started sharing about singing to a dying soldier in Vietnam, and that was the last thing he heard. She didn’t preach, but before we parted she said to me “sing to the needy”. Our music is not angsty, it is old-fashioned, it’s quiet, and quite understated. So at times, I think people often like us for lovely settings. Not at war zones, y’know. And this past weekend, we sang 2 sets of music to Dad, and though he cannot speak or sing or play the guitar the way he used to (he knew all the words to all the good tunes), we saw a calm and joy to his face, and I realised at once what Joy meant. It was the best gig we ever had, and I hoped that somewhere in him was rekindled the spirit to live, to love. . . . . . . . . . . . #moonglow #polkadotandmoonbeam #apugnosedream #singtotheneedy #jazzforthesoul #ukulele #bass #prayunceasingly #ukulelejazz #jazzukulele #intimateweddings #weddingswa #lace #vintageacoustic #vintageweddingsperth #vintagewedding #acousticduowa #weddingsingerperth #tonybennett #kdlang #duets #joyyates #jazzstandards #irvingmills #willhudson

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Thank you Tracey and staff for being such beautiful hosts. Your smiles never fail to brighten the cafe up! Here are some pictures from Saturday’s performance, enjoy also our menu choices for the afternoon! <3

Our Giveaway Prize from Mystrie!

Our Giveaway Prize from calligrapher Mystrie!

We finally had a chance to put out our ‘Mystrie Prize’ for the word “Compassion” that we submitted for a instagram giveaway contest. She did a beautiful job of our very loooong band name! We have yet to find the perfect frame, but we love how the pine/oak goes with the pinks on our gig last Saturday. Thank youuuuu Mystrie! xx


That Grin of Anticipation

That Grin of Anticipation

Teriyaki Chicken & Dark Choc & Matcha Gateau

Teriyaki Chicken & Dark Choc & Matcha Gateau

Light-filled goodness

Light-filled goodness

Sakura Sakura... <3

Sakura & Matcha

Tracey <3

Tracey <3

Moonbeam shoots

Moonbeam took a shot of me in between our swing tunes


If you missed our four-string swing performance the Saturday just passed, come around on 18th November @ 12:45pm for a lunch date with us! We have a souffle-soft spot for this heart-filled light-splashed cafe on Preston Street, Como. 

Every time we play here we are reminded of our performance in Harajuku, Japan in 2013. Authentic Matcha, tea and brilliant coffee. And just good people, really. They say your heart shows in your food. Check out also their daily shop-baked cakes. Exquisite! 






Fremantle Wedding Walk 2017 (Esplanade Hotel)

Perth brides, are you ready to do the Fremantle Wedding Walk with us this 12th October 2017? 

Polkadot + Moonbeam is privileged to be joining just a few of WA’s most loved wedding vendors for the Fremantle Wedding Walk from Thursday, 12th October 207, 4:00pm – 8:00pm. 

10 venues and all within walking distance of each other. Relaxed, creative and historic –  You know that Thursday is the new Friday, and Friday really is just the start of Saturday! Let us croon a warm welcome for you at the beautiful historic Esplanade Hotel!

Polkadot + Moonbeam @ Fremantle Wedding Walk 2017 (Esplanade Hotel)

Polkadot + Moonbeam @ Fremantle Wedding Walk 2017 (Esplanade Hotel)

This wonderful event is sponsored by Nestle & Porter, Peggy Saas, and The Fremantle Creatives.

And it was a terrific evening playing at Esplanade Hotel Fremantle with some very lovely vendors. Thank you Kate (Endota Spa) for lending us your beautiful furniture and for the photo, Lorna Aylward for being such a wonderful generous spirit, and Michelle Dean Photography (& Marty!) for all the laughs and Spanish! 🙂

Don't ask Moonbeam to pose

Don’t ask Moonbeam to pose

Polkadot + Moonbeam on Endota Spa’s furniture // Photo by: Kate

Fremantle Wedding Walk // Photo by: Peggy Saas




Our next Matcha date

Hello sunshine! Thanks for popping your his and byes along the gorgeous Preston Street in Como. And if you asked, yes, we are back on 16th September from 10:30am ’til noon! Come swing and matcha with us. 

This little post about last Saturday’s performance was taken from Polkadot’s instagram story. 

On the surface today’s gig with my uke duo Polkadot + Moonbeam was just like any other day. But …Then the wonderland of this lovely cafe burst into a celebration of canine and human friends alike, bouncing to the swing of our music. The Neighbour from the day spa next door brought his darling anaemic dog Oscar over and we witnessed how 🐶 worked the ladies 😌 More bright-eyed sunshine-grateful folks popped by later and we played with green-irised, blue-eyed little lady, who just learnt how to walk 4 months ago and was curious about 4-stringed instruments, crayons, squatting and my vintage shoes (starting early…). There was nothing common about today….