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All dolled up and tuning up!

That Butcher Baker Stylist

If you don’t yet know about Wedding Stylist/Planner Jess Butcher, take the time to visit The Butcher Baker Stylist. We thought it would be great to start of the first month of 2018 featuring Jess Butcher. Looking back on the weddings (at these venues: Linton & Kay Galleries, PSArtSpace, Matilda Bay) we had opportunities to work with her, we realised they were really beautifully taken care of. Heart, soul and most of all, she really is a creative. A little bit of Jess is always in her creations, making it signature in a glance. You cannot copy a natural artist. You can try stealing, but a discerning eye can always tell the difference. Her confidence, her genuine personality, her professionalism is backed by tons of vendors (and couples) like ourselves. (Witness that in the comments on our instagram post below)

Just ‘cuz we ♡ Jess Butcher and her work // styling + planning: @butcherbakerstylist (& photos!) 👆Swipe L . . Over the years we have come to work with Jess a few times, and each time, her person and work really shone with equal dedication, art and, can you believe it (though she’s booked out for 2018 – sorry folks!) Variety. Here are 3 of the weddings P+M played for snapped by Jess from her gorg gallery. 🎶 . . (1/3) A+J – When we played for A+J’s beautiful wedding at @psartspace I couldn’t stop swooning over her work and she confessed she was sooo happy the groom actually yassed her proposal of the p i n k chairs in that spectacular industrial space. 👌What moved me was how she shared that she always has a bit of Jess in her work. I think that is why the word variety alone just doesn’t cut it. She’s really an artist and that’s what artists do! ♡ . . (2/3) R+D – that tepee ⛺️ dream ..with @tpandco @thelittlepress @soulsounddjs so many more of our fave peeps at Matilda Bay. We sat on that couch by the waters at sunset and not so secretly took a dozen pretty photos after the early Soundcheck. I also recall seeing Jess radiant from her preggy then and still bubbling about getting that amazing wedding going. This full time mumma is ever a whirlwind at weddings, only cuter with lil Frankie easily her mini-me, cheerin’ w bandana and smiles. . . (3/3) B+K – this was v special for us. For too many reasons to account for. But Jess was definitely one of them. We played for the ceremony, cocktail and reception so it was a long night to see how she worked. With vendors, guests, the couple and with us. And I still remember that eucalyptus hanging arbor/arch she created for that precious couple. We probably hogged that spot a bit much between the breaks 😆Like A+J’s tremendous hanging florals (never quite missing the natives) this was simple, generous and yet bold. Oh, we do miss that darling couple. . . Really we just wanted to start of the year celebrating L O V E with Jess’ work. This is a long one. But it really is more for us to keep in our gallery as a reminder of visual magic ❀ . . Fellow vendors, I’m sorry we can’t tag everyone, but if you see your work here, do holla x

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‘The Neighbourhood Song’ by Polkadot + Moonbeam

‘The Neighbourhood Song’ was written when Polkadot skipped down the neighbourhood to catch a bus to the city. A latin groove with a samba feel floated into her mind, and her fingers and toes started dancin’ – then the melody gradually came to form – and she whistled. Later that night, she put it to words. 

‘ Won’t you join us, for a sunny day at the beach…’ – ‘The Neighbourhood Song’ by Polkadot + Moonbeam

It was easy since she always only managed truth in her stories and music, and she didn’t have the knack of making up stuff that wasn’t from her own persona. She was happy. He was happy. It wasn’t all peachy, no life wasn’t. It was hard actually. Starting afresh is always hard. Feeling in the dark is harder. But they were blessed each time someone reached out. A new friend, a neighbour, the puppy birds (magpies – how can they be so mind-blowingly brilliant?!?), the sunsets that flowed over the city skyline,… 

And yes, we have lots of broccoli because i’m seriously worryingly iron-deficient and i can’t take a lot of meat. I also dislike spinach. Hmm. Nope i’m no popeye. So yea broc + carrots were our staple. It was always us calling each other before we go to the nearest Coles, Woolies, or Kong’s. We changed it to Wong’s since it’s a little less guttural – way too crunchy for singing a upbeat latin tune. Also Wong’s may be a little more common. 😉

Last year, before we decided we will move out to our own place, we managed to record this because of a songwriting competition we participated in. We knew jazz wouldn’t quite make it like pop will but we were still hopeful, and most importantly we knew it would kickstart our recording habits that were dormant for a while. And we loved the process. Home-recording can be so creative, and with Polkadot’s experience in studios for the large part of her singing career, and Moonbeam’s savvy know-how with tech, we had an amazing time putting out one of our babies.

Here’s The Neighbourhood Song, full-version. All rights reserved.

Photography: The Studio Loft

Song Title: ‘The Neighbourhood Song’ by (Polkadot + Moonbeam)

Music/Lyrics: Juliet Pang 

Arrangement: Didi Mudigdo

Ukulele/Bass/Vocals: Didi Mudigdo

Melodica/Vocals: Juliet Pang

This year, we hope to put out more of our stories to share with you. And yes we have been asked, when will our album really be out. But we want it to be perfect, so we can’t promise. But it one of our BIGGEST dreams this year. We pray it will come to fruition. 🙂
No, we never dreamed we would come this far with each other. It wasn’t always easy and took many sacrifices, but listening to our songs together, we beamed at each other. No words required.

Thank you for listening and being a part of our 2018.