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That Little Matcha Girl

You might have noticed a pretty little cafe along Preston Street in Como, South Perth. A bright little street overlooking the waters just perched atop a gentle slope. 

P+M’s Winter burrow last Sat

Polkadot + Moonbeam had the pleasure of playing there last week. And in a week of cold wet days, that morning was sublime – sunshine, matcha and ukulele jazz. We also made some new friends: Anabel and family (Daddy, Violet, Osi, Coco) and company, Lim, our new greyhound pal, and of course the proud owner of the cafe. The space is cosy and just a perfect nook for us to rest our paws over matcha and jazz improv. 

The highlight of the gig for me was Nat Cole’s LOVE (and the rock ending, teeth, grit and grind… 😅). You can spot that funny video on our Instagram (apugnosedream). But we also loved playing our light instrumentals over Jobim, Jimmy Van Heusen…classics for the Saturday morning crowd. 

Light instrumentals for a breezy sunny morning

The matcha was beautiful with genmai in them – like magic drops of texture and earth in the smooth creamy bittersweet. Moonbeam’s mocha was a dream 💛. 

Magic spotted at Little Matcha Girl

Thank you Little Matcha Girl for having us. Thank you all. We hope to see you all soon!


Ps: don’t forget to check our Instagram and YouTube for new clips 💛 

’til we next brunch …

Juliet Pang and Didi Mudigdo at Jazushi Sydney

Jazushi is a Japanese fusion restaurant that is the only Sydney establishment that features jazz every night of the week. P+M’s Juliet Pang and Didi Mudigdo were featured twice a month for seven months 14th Jan – 14th July 2011.

Honeysuckle Rose

Moonlight in Vermont

They can’t Take That away from Me

Polkadot + Moonbeam @ EasyWay Ultimo, Sydney

On May – July 2011, Polkadot + Moonbeam had a residency playing every Monday and Wednesday at EasyWay Ultimo, Sydney. Here are some photos and a track recorded live at EasyWay.

East of the Sun