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Dog whisperer Moonbeam

Weddings: Of Popcorn, Pups & P+M!

This was a wedding which I will always remember as ‘The One The Clouds Cleared Up for Their Union’. It was 12degrees on 7th October 2017, this Saturday just passed. The breathtaking venue ‘Quarry Amphitheatre’ stood all ready for L.O.V.E. for the afternoon’s ceremony.

Thank you guys so much!! You did such an amazing job!! And sorry if my boys were trying to sing along/bark at your beautiful music! So glad you we went to that wedding expo where we met you two! ❤️ awesome work xx – Stephanie + Kalvin

We met Stephanie and Kalvin at Sandalford Winery, and since then never could forget this lovely girl with kindness in her eyes. We also noticed how Kalvin was unabashed, cheeky, in requesting for an Ed Sheeran song impromptu then. Moonbeam even threw in a dance, I recall…I think it was then i thought, what an interesting pair. This was definitely one of those complimenting relationships. So when the wonderful celebrant Luke Firth shared a speech about how grateful Kalvin is grateful for the bride’s empathetic disposition, and how he made her laugh and had no problems laughing at himself too, it reminded me of how Moonbeam just cracks. me. up. An onlooker I guess might be inclined to think i’m laughing at him, but i’m really being so entertained, my sides crack. And Moonbeam thinks that’s his place in my life, and he gets to shine. It warmed my heart to know this young pair will start their lives together with their little pups – Tiny & Kawaii, and have the blessings of so many dear friends and families. 

Dog whisperer Moonbeam

Dog whisperer Moonbeam

I will lift a little pre-blog i’d posted on instagram to illustrate the day of fun. It reflected a thoughtful couple, their families and friends – everyone present had something to do. The children, the pups, the guests and their families, were having a real(!) picnic celebration for and with the couple they so love. 

What a privilege playing for K+S’s wedding yesterday at such an amazing space. The acoustics! 🙌 The sun broke out just for the lovely bride and groom today at their ceremony at @quarryamphitheatre spilling over the stage and greens. Moonbeam took such a brilliant sun-splashed shot of me at our little break. Popcorn, games, and yummy food catering by @ultimo_catering Even in the midst of a cold front, the warmth from these vendors and the love from everyone plus the miracle splash of sun spot on at ceremony was just golden! Did I mention the bride and groom had their pups Kawaii + Tiny (we 💛 you as much as you love to ‘talk’) as ringbearers? Too cute. 💍 Congrats our wonderful ‘Volleyball 🏐 + Entrepreneur’ lovebirds! 😉✨✨✨ . . Met some genuinely lovely people today, @lukefirthcelebrant (thank youuu!) @rod_munoz_ (your idea was Super thanks! 👌) @eightyeightevents @heytherepoppy_perth 💕 @hiresociety @jasonsoonphotography ✌️- Nicola from Ultimo catering (The weather challenged but you aced(!), thanks for everything!) 💕 . . . . . . . #perthweddings #perthbrides #outdoorweddings #perthlivemusic #polkadotandmoonbeam #apugnosedream #quarryamphitheatre #weddings #acousticduoperth #vintageacoustic #jazzduoperth #ukulele #ukuleleperth #ukulelejazz #fourstringswing #gardenweddings #gamesatweddings #popcornweddings #weddingmusicperth #winterinspring #weddingsperth #weddingswa

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Thank you Steph & Kal for having us play for you. Quarry Amphitheatre was a brilliant location, with amazing acoustics any muso would LOVE to play at. We were incredibly blessed. Here’s wishing the both of Mr & Mrs Chow an amazing walk together for a verrrry loooong time. <3




Our next Matcha date

Hello sunshine! Thanks for popping your his and byes along the gorgeous Preston Street in Como. And if you asked, yes, we are back on 16th September from 10:30am ’til noon! Come swing and matcha with us. 

This little post about last Saturday’s performance was taken from Polkadot’s instagram story. 

On the surface today’s gig with my uke duo Polkadot + Moonbeam was just like any other day. But …Then the wonderland of this lovely cafe burst into a celebration of canine and human friends alike, bouncing to the swing of our music. The Neighbour from the day spa next door brought his darling anaemic dog Oscar over and we witnessed how 🐶 worked the ladies 😌 More bright-eyed sunshine-grateful folks popped by later and we played with green-irised, blue-eyed little lady, who just learnt how to walk 4 months ago and was curious about 4-stringed instruments, crayons, squatting and my vintage shoes (starting early…). There was nothing common about today….

Wedding Upmarket September 2017

Thank you for turning up beautiful Perth brides-to-be. If you are a ‘ring-bearer’ or a Wedding Upmarket attendee, don’t forget to mention that in your booking enquiries. (Exclusive promo ends 26th September at 11:59pm)

If you missed our Swan Valley Wedding Open Day performance, the much anticipated Wedding Upmarket 2017 is just in 2 weeks!  A wonderful opportunity to hear us in an intimate setting and ask us anything! Also keep a lookout for our Wedding Upmarket Promo exclusive to only the 1st 20 attendees, marked by a little rustic handmade token from us P+M. For now, pull out a pen (or your phones) and mark that date with us! 

Polkadot + Moonbeam @ Wedding Upmarket Sept 2017

11:00am -12:00pm, 26th August 2017

Winthrop Hall, UWA (indoors and cosy)

P+M Vintage Acoustics @ Wedding Upmarket Sept 2017

P+M Vintage Acoustics @ Wedding Upmarket Sept 2017