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A Windblown Summer Love 

We experienced one of the most windblown days in Perth this Summer this Sunday just passed. What that was supposed to be a simple wedding celebration and performance, turned out just as poignant and unforgettable as the night unfolded. 

LOVE letters

LOVE letters (Royal Freshwater Bay Yacht Club)

Thanks so much for playing beautiful music last night. Appreciated!!! All my guests enjoyed the incredible night. 

James and I will keep going with happiness and with your beautiful wishes. Thanks again for your beautiful music Juliet and Didi!

Hello Abby! I think she was drawn to my favourite someone, guess who? (see bottom of post for answer)

If you are considering a fuss-free wedding venue that could give you one of Perth’s most beautiful water views, the Royal Freshwater Bay Yacht Club is definitely a popular choice. It is one of those venues, where food and service of the few times we had performed there, as consistently THUMBS UP. We were unexpectedly asked to join the table and enjoy the wedding dinner with the guests right after our pre-dinner cocktail performance. We felt a little overwhelmed by Janice’s and James’ hospitality and generosity but also right at home, because everyone was so comfortable and relaxed at the wedding party and the couple themselves were indulging in some very interesting games. 

Scallops entree

The fish was MARVELLOUS.

Dessert. Nope it’s not tofu! But it was YUM!

Since Polkadot + Moonbeam was formed (2010), it had been 7 years since we performed together. Of which, we spent the 1st five years gallivanting and hopping about various cities, and had accumulated quite an interesting and eclectic repertoire, consisting of Mandarin, Bahasa Indonesia, Portuguese, Spanish, Cantonese, French and even a little bit of Italian classic tunes. Both the bride and groom were expecting a majority of Mandarin-speaking guests, so she had requested for 月亮代表我的心 (The Moon Represents My Heart),  a Teresa Teng classic favourite for the Chinese. But as the night went on, it seemed like the right moment for one of our favourite duet latin arrangements – So Nice (Summer Samba – see instagram video post below). My good friend (my twinny from musical theatre days playing sprites from The Snow Queen, and concubine roles in The Forbidden City, and just the main person who really drew me into the whole world of jazz), Sing!China 2nd runner up, vocalist Joanna Dong penned very fitting Mandarin lyrics to this Marco Valles latin standard and called it 夏日桑巴 (Summer Samba). Very often tunes come on, and people haven’t the opportunity to appreciate the lyrics, but heads started turning as we began singing this duet arrangement of the bossa nova classic, and I saw Polkadots and Moonbeams literally floating in this love-filled room. I was so immensely filled with joy to share twinny’s heartfelt lyrics on this beautiful latin jazz number. 

Polkadot + Moonbeam’s duet version of a 1964 bossa nova classic ‘So Nice (Summer Samba) by Marco Valle. It’s probably the session that we had most fun. An Australian ring-necked parrot with all its luminescent greens and yellows flew past our window right in the midst of our songs. I had to keep a straight face. It was also our shortest recording session because as you’d known, we’d probably just end up making up alternative lyrics after second takes. 😅 if you look closely at the first 10secs of the video you’d also see us having a bit of a private ‘laugh’ – I was so engrossed in my solo before that I came in just in the nick of time – hence Moonbeam’s “heheheh”. . . . . . . . #sonice #summersamba #marcovalle #bossanova #ukulelejazz #vintageacoustic #acousticduoperth #weddingsinperth #perthbrides #backyardweddings #polkadotandmoonbeam #apugnosedream #weddingswa #jazzukulele #intimateweddings #weddingsingerperth #lovesongs #duets #ukulele #perthisok #weloveperth #lace #fourstringswing #fremantleweddingwalk #weddingbandperth #esplanadehotelfremantle

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What touched me deeply was when the bride shared a very simple but significant confession that although they had already been registered as husband and wife a while ago, every woman, every lady desires a nice proposal, a real wedding celebration. I was wrecked when the groom, James knelt down and proposed there and then. It was the surprise of the evening for everyone, including the bride. And of course, out flowed those tears of joy.

Bless you both with a beautiful journey together, now witnessed by all your loved ones, celebrated over fine food and wine, toasted to for your future steps together for a very long time. 

A little dream of a wedding

A little dream of a wedding

It was also wonderful meeting the TMI events team, they were on their feet all night making this night special for the couple, and so wonderful reliving some old memories of our days playing as resident musicians and leading the Shangri-La Hotels & Resorts Team at Qingdao, China. Here’s the official video of our interview from 2015, if you may be interested in our past life:

For those who know the Mandarin pop hit 被风吹过的夏天(The Windblown Summer) that I had the pleasure of co-writing with Singaporean-born pop sensation JJLin 林俊杰,this wedding summed it up. Truly windblown this summer’s day at the lovely Royal Freshwater Bay, with fond memories of our travels from not too long ago. 

And before you go, meet Abby and her not-so-secret admirer. Perhaps that’s where it had all started…

Abby & Admirer

Didi's impersonation of me

Didi’s impersonation of me

Moonbeam and smiling cheek to cheek after some great music


Weddings: Honestly, Love (North Perth Town Hall)

Honestly, love needs no filter, no splendour. Polkadot + Moonbeam was honoured to play for such an intimate honest wedding at North Perth Town Hall this weekend past. For want of a better title, ‘honesty’ is chosen in hope of encapsulating all that honesty means to us – courage, love, purity,  compassion, creativity, humility. It seems that no matter how we tried to put it forth in words, our gratitude exceeds what we have endeavoured to express. 

Photo credit: Lana & Chantelle

Lillian and I would like to express our sincere gratitude again for your beautiful singing that really touched our 💓. When Lillian started to cry when you sung ‘Through It All’, my heart melted and I fell even more in love with Lillian. Reminded me of how good and faithful my God is.

Thank you again and I’m sure our paths will cross again.

Blessings and Love, Jason & Lillian

We have shared with the beautiful couple how this would have been our DREAM wedding. We love making things from what we have. Moonbeam has a knack for collecting parts, scraps, and making them into new things, useful, creative and I love putting a sparkle to it with colour or removing information to reveal light through these little projects we have. Our wedding in 2013 was such. But we weren’t half as close to being truly HONEST to what would have been US. 

That Creative Bride (@Iamlilliancreates)

That Creative Bride

And this wasn’t just something they could call and hire. This was a couple who not only knew who they were, what they enjoyed, but knew they couldn’t do it without the blessings from those about them who love them truly, dearly. They had good help starting from planning/coordinating, to logistics, to hosting, decorating (arbour, and more), sound systems, ….and more! So imagine how honoured we felt to be hand-picked by such a couple on their special day.

P+M plays in the playgroound of North Perth Town Hall!

P+M plays in the playgroound of North Perth Town Hall!

It would seem pretty normal that the wedding singers should just rock up to something after Wedding vendors  (and we have very VERY talented craftsmen and artists of various departments in Western Australia, Perth not withholding) have prepared and decorated everything a night or two before, and then feel completely impressed by the works of these amazing people – as we certainly have, many a time. But here was the bride and groom, and their good friends, contributing every bit of their time and efforts, out of LOVE to ensure the couple had THE best on this day. So imagine P+M’s gaping little paws and mouths and eyes when they saw a cute little coffee cart (@artemcoffee – because the couple adore coffee, and so did everyone else), their personally decorated arbour put up by friends (yes, we beat the windy blows of blessings!), the red carpet (literally rolled out), the little potted palms, and the entire reception after the ceremony beautifully decorated, the coffee menu, the programme card – so much Detail and Heart… WE LOVED IT. It reminded me of my early school days, an assembly hall transformed into a dream of a wedding with dearest friends and families.


Artem Coffee Cart (Darren & Tracey)

Artem Coffee Cart (Darren & Tracey)

Bride's Own Coffee Menu (@Iamlilliancreates)

Bride Penned Her Own Coffee Menu

Artem Coffee

Artem Coffee – Loved my Mocha

Bride's Design

Bride’s Design – Polkadot + Moonbeam on it! 🙂

I run the risk of saying too much – words can ruin when they are inadequate – and they are! So i will leave you with my favourite musical moments. The bride and groom picked ‘Through It All’ (by Hillsong) and that was a real honour to sing. The presence of the Lord filled the space. And it was anything but religious. Just purely simply CALM. I also loved their choice of ‘Our Love is Here to Stay‘ as they signed in the presence of their mothers. It felt so genuinely sweet, real and unrehearsed. I wish we took the pictures of the little toddlers who danced along to our swingy duets, it was precious. Kids really DO GET JAZZ. It’s so simple when we let go to feel that bounce of joy in our lives. With their permission, I will share this photo after i shared a moment with them before they made their joyous entrance into the hall as husband and wife. A windy morning and the ‘Blue Skies’ (as they’d requested as their Recessional song) really turned up, cornflower blue, and peppered with happy clouds).

‘You’ll never let me go, through it all’ – Hillsong / Photo credit: Lana & Chantelle

That beautiful union / Photo credit: Lana & Chantelle

Thank you Jason and Llillian, we feel like we love you so much even though our meetings were short. God bless you both with many wonderful adventures. 

 All our love and blessings,


Dog whisperer Moonbeam

Weddings: Of Popcorn, Pups & P+M! (Quarry Amphitheatre)

This was a wedding which I will always remember as ‘The One The Clouds Cleared Up for Their Union’. It was 12degrees on 7th October 2017, this Saturday just passed. The breathtaking venue ‘Quarry Amphitheatre’ stood all ready for L.O.V.E. for the afternoon’s ceremony.

Thank you guys so much!! You did such an amazing job!! And sorry if my boys were trying to sing along/bark at your beautiful music! So glad you we went to that wedding expo where we met you two! ❤️ awesome work xx – Stephanie + Kalvin

We met Stephanie and Kalvin at Sandalford Winery, and since then never could forget this lovely girl with kindness in her eyes. We also noticed how Kalvin was unabashed, cheeky, in requesting for an Ed Sheeran song impromptu then. Moonbeam even threw in a dance, I recall…I think it was then i thought, what an interesting pair. This was definitely one of those complimenting relationships. So when the wonderful celebrant Luke Firth shared a speech about how grateful Kalvin is grateful for the bride’s empathetic disposition, and how he made her laugh and had no problems laughing at himself too, it reminded me of how Moonbeam just cracks. me. up. An onlooker I guess might be inclined to think i’m laughing at him, but i’m really being so entertained, my sides crack. And Moonbeam thinks that’s his place in my life, and he gets to shine. It warmed my heart to know this young pair will start their lives together with their little pups – Tiny & Kawaii, and have the blessings of so many dear friends and families. 

Dog whisperer Moonbeam

Dog whisperer Moonbeam

I will lift a little pre-blog i’d posted on instagram to illustrate the day of fun. It reflected a thoughtful couple, their families and friends – everyone present had something to do. The children, the pups, the guests and their families, were having a real(!) picnic celebration for and with the couple they so love. 

What a privilege playing for K+S’s wedding yesterday at such an amazing space. The acoustics! 🙌 The sun broke out just for the lovely bride and groom today at their ceremony at @quarryamphitheatre spilling over the stage and greens. Moonbeam took such a brilliant sun-splashed shot of me at our little break. Popcorn, games, and yummy food catering by @ultimo_catering Even in the midst of a cold front, the warmth from these vendors and the love from everyone plus the miracle splash of sun spot on at ceremony was just golden! Did I mention the bride and groom had their pups Kawaii + Tiny (we 💛 you as much as you love to ‘talk’) as ringbearers? Too cute. 💍 Congrats our wonderful ‘Volleyball 🏐 + Entrepreneur’ lovebirds! 😉✨✨✨ . . Met some genuinely lovely people today, @lukefirthcelebrant (thank youuu!) @rod_munoz_ (your idea was Super thanks! 👌) @eightyeightevents @heytherepoppy_perth 💕 @hiresociety @jasonsoonphotography ✌️- Nicola from Ultimo catering (The weather challenged but you aced(!), thanks for everything!) 💕 . . . . . . . #perthweddings #perthbrides #outdoorweddings #perthlivemusic #polkadotandmoonbeam #apugnosedream #quarryamphitheatre #weddings #acousticduoperth #vintageacoustic #jazzduoperth #ukulele #ukuleleperth #ukulelejazz #fourstringswing #gardenweddings #gamesatweddings #popcornweddings #weddingmusicperth #winterinspring #weddingsperth #weddingswa

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Thank you Steph & Kal for having us play for you. Quarry Amphitheatre was a brilliant location, with amazing acoustics any muso would LOVE to play at. We were incredibly blessed. Here’s wishing the both of Mr & Mrs Chow an amazing walk together for a verrrry loooong time. <3