Le Petit Live Concert 2

Le Petit Live Concert 2

Join us for Le Petit Live Concert 2 online on Boxing Day this weekend. Our little present to you. We will be unpacking an original song, fun and laughter, and a few surprises! Hint: We are pulling out a few musical toys. BYO tin-whistle, castanets, guitars, ukuleles, empty bottles, … anything really!

Here’s the link to the concert: fb.me/e/vzkzdymh (Click to view on Boxing Day, 26th December @ 11:00am – 11:40am AWST/GMT+8 – no Facebook account needed!)

Le Petit Live Concert 2

Seeing that our premiere in April 2020 was warmly welcomed, we have decided to put out #2!

We’ll be sharing an original penned last December 2019, before all of this happened. Never could we have imagined what the song really meant ’til 2020 unfolded before our eyes…So this is how this session gained its namesake ‘This Time of the Year’.

And we won’t just leave it there, so we are pulling out everything from our magic duffle. It fits not only the keyboard, the ukulele, the guitar…(!), and …. well let’s see shall we? 🙂

What we have learnt these 7 – 8 months is love overcomes, as cheesy as it sounds. We have witnessed our own families go through losses, challenges, and went through our own fair bit as well. Nothing compared to what some are still struggling with. What remains is the purest of persevering Love.

In these 40mins, we want you to invite you to enjoy this time with us, love and laugh with us, chat with us and play with us. An instrument hasn’t truly any value ’til it meets a song. So take out your tin-whistle, casternets (remember those?), recorders, empty bottles, …and let your heart sing! Ask us anything within the 40mins too. We miss you all so much!

Many more thanksgiving notes to give on the show, but here’s one first. Thank you Rachel Puan for capturing these beautiful moments, and also making them with us.

Have a beautiful Christmas and see you the day after!



Le Petit Live Concert 2 ‘This Time of the Year’, Boxing Day 2020
An easier alternative to watch Le Petit Concert 2 is to click here.