Rooftop Bliss (Tradewinds, Fremantle)

We celebrated for M+D’s blissful wedding on the Rooftop Terrace at Tradewinds Hotel, Fremantle. Amongst striped beach umbrellas, canopy daybeds and sun loungers, was a pretty and intimate setup for their special moment. 

I kept forgetting we had you booked for our ceremony music and always had a little excited giggle to myself when I remembered. Waiting for your music was a most definite highlight for me, and it was so incredibly PERFECT on the day. I love love love it!!!
I was just having so much fun up there on that rooftop, sun and all. 
Our day come together brilliant; thank you for your special part. Even more reason now to enjoy the songs we selected. The best little memories.

Keep doing what you do!
Lots of love,
D, M (& their lil’ B)


This precious couple caught our performance at Sandalford Winery last November on the Swan Valley Wedding Open Day. And they were one of the quickest to nab the date with P+M. I have always loved it when the couples choose their ceremony songs. It not only reflects their personalities and background perhaps, but also at times, the stories you’d imagine behind them. Weddings are wonderful like that. The most important moment of their lives, and they want YOU to be their to play the music that made their heart sing. It DOESN’T get anymore precious I don’t think.

I loved playing Felix Mendelssohn’s ‘Wedding March’ with Moonbeam. The instrumental originally performed classically suddenly had the warmth and unassuming quality of an intimate wedding. Celebrant Sue was wonderful. Light-hearted, easy-going and so responsible, she is definitely someone you can count on for your big day. I could see how she made everyone feel relaxed and even had an assistant to be doubly sure everything went well. As she read out about their personalities, and their exchange of words to each other, I saw the groom’s joy just looking into the bride’s eyes. It still gets me every time. Our friend from Sydney once said this about us, crossing her fingers, “you guys are like…(sign)…tight’. I thought it very aptly described on how they were already team, and it was going to be for a VERY LONG time. 

Little B did sooo well, despite the running about adults do. Friends helped, organically. Everyone just were so much a team. It was so immaculate and beautiful to watch. 

Summer weddings have that effect. It don’t matter what happens on the day, the LOVE JUST SHINES.

Thank you M+D+B, we feel so proud and happy to be part of your intimate celebrations. D, your feet-tapping, and declaration of your love for the mighty ukulele and our swing was so epic. We really believe you were diggin’ it! BIG HUGS + KISSES to the adorable trio. You are already an amazing team, and you have such beautiful support from dear friends and families, we feel so warmed at hearts.

’til we next meet…. (i reaaaally love my job…)

xx P+M