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Our next Matcha date

Hello sunshine! Thanks for popping your his and byes along the gorgeous Preston Street in Como. And if you asked, yes, we are back on 16th September from 10:30am ’til noon! Come swing and matcha with us. 

This little post about last Saturday’s performance was taken from Polkadot’s instagram story. 

On the surface today’s gig with my uke duo Polkadot + Moonbeam was just like any other day. But …Then the wonderland of this lovely cafe burst into a celebration of canine and human friends alike, bouncing to the swing of our music. The Neighbour from the day spa next door brought his darling anaemic dog Oscar over and we witnessed how 🐶 worked the ladies 😌 More bright-eyed sunshine-grateful folks popped by later and we played with green-irised, blue-eyed little lady, who just learnt how to walk 4 months ago and was curious about 4-stringed instruments, crayons, squatting and my vintage shoes (starting early…). There was nothing common about today….

Roving Duo at Perth Winter Supper Club (Perth Town Hall)

Roving jazz duo, Polkadot + Moonbeam was elated to be performing for the Winter Supper Club 2016 in the heart of the city on 24th June. Every last Friday of each winter month, Perth Town Hall is transformed into a lively scene, so folks, don’t miss out on more entertainment for this year’s Perth Winter Festival.

Armed with flowers in hair (and skirt), good ol’ Lanikai (we are loyal fans of the warm tone!), melodion and big smiles, because we were genuinely excited about kicking of this season’s first winter supper club, we burst into song, sung and swung. The crowd was an eager one, forming early Long queues at the stalls. Moroccan lamb, wonderful sweets, cakes and refreshing drinks, the Friday night crowd was expecting lots of good warm food and wine.

There was so much to remember by but we will try to highlight what moved us most that evening. Perhaps this would never change, children would always be the first to pick up the music, that untouchable wisdom and sensitivity to art and music when the world spins about the busy moms and dads (rightfully so!). Their smiles, laughter and impeccable dancing skills are priceless. And two beautiful generous gentlemen who came up to us, and a many wonderful ladies who loved our music and danced along to our 2s and 4s as they hopped from stall to stall basking in the delicious smells and smiles. A couple of teens stood listening and gave us the cutest winks and thumbs up as they crossed arms with their friends to enjoy the party. As we moved from corner to corner of the beautiful undercroft, we decided to plant ourselves next to the pillars of the Town Hall, at one of the entrances. A few tables were enjoying their snacks and beers, and a gentlemen stood quietly listening to us play from song to song, moving from instrumentals Such as Someday My Prince Will Come, Billie’s Bounce, and other popular tunes such as Sway and Something Stupid, and just as we were too lost our solos, he clapped and complimented us on the music drawing us back into the delightful sights and sounds of a really wonderful winter party.

Of the two gentlemen earlier mentioned, one of whom we didn’t get his name treated us a taste of the good ol’ Aussie sense of humour. He said to Moonbeam “If you stop smoking, you might just grow taller”, to which we laughed. “What about me?” Polkadot asked, well aware of her even more petite stature. “You’re perfect the way you are”. And we all laughed, danced and sang together, red boots and mustard yellow bow in the cool winter’s night.

The other gentleman we would never forget is Mr Addison. And we only got to know this because halfway through our song he happily sauntered to us and asked us to type in our email into the email address field in his phone. We knew what that meant, we had a piece of memory in colour, a photo of us playing! Any Musician would know that one can never have enough of photos of their own live performances. So we had to pause and pop in our email. We would never forget his lovely spirit, his smiles and his heartwarming words which we will leave you with. May your winter be as warmed as ours.

Dear Juliet & Didi,

I thoroughly enjoyed your music & appreciated your colourful dress & personalities.

I’ve been showing your photo to a few friends.

Keep on brightening up the Perth scene.

Feel free to let me know where you have any more street performances.

My kind regards.


Thank you Clive for the beautiful photo of us and many other wonderful snaps of that special winter’s day to remember by.

Roving for Aldi’s Grand Opening in Perth, Australia (Belmont Forum)

Finally, the long-awaited opening of Aldi in Western Australia. Over a span of 3 days, Polkadot + Moonbeam (P+M) roved Belmont Forum and celebrated with busy crowds serenading them with our four-string swing. Popular classics presented in the flavour of the 40s to 50s with the sweet sounds of the Melodica and ukulele and our voices in harmony.

The grand opening on 8th June 2016 drew queues that the mall couldn’t hold. And we interweaved the crowds and entertained the Aldi-curious families with prams and excited little children. Channel 9 news also caught a special moment of us singing to a little child in the queue curious about all that jazz. We loved roving the wings of the expansive mall interacting with ‘children’ from 1 to 92. So many treasured memories for us to take away with: Lovely smiles and kind words from lovely ladies from the cafes complimenting us on the music and how it made their day (their smiles made ours), and a wonderful Indian gentleman who came up to ‘join’ our band amazing us with his air-flute talent; an accordion player who came up to say how I (Polkadot) played the Melodica like an accordion; little children whose eyes still wet from tears lighting up as we crooned a little song to them and the moments they break into smiles, or the little African girl whose shyness didn’t stop her from taking side glances and coming up to us to clap for us, and last but not least, the beautiful moment that made both of us sing with tears in our eyes when a Filipino toddler (that didn’t stop him) literally raced up to tuck his beautiful little head on me just as we struck the 4th chord in My Baby Just Cares for Me, and he never left ’til the first chorus of the song, looking up with all innocence and wonder-ment at Moonbeam whilst resting against my cheek.

Hurray for Aldi in Perth! Hurray for Belmont Forum and their little elves for doing such a fine job! Hurray for all of us celebrating another beautiful weekend with music and lovely memories. Bless you all. xx Thank you Champion Music for the gig!