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Singin’ In the Rain (Sandalford Weddings, Swan Valley)

‘Singin’ in the rain’ originally performed by Gene Kelly was rearranged as a duet by Polkadot + Moonbeam and performed as a special request for Steph + JD at Sandalford Winery just this Friday past. The Underground Cellar (Sandalford Winery) located in the Swan Valley is as always a spectacular wedding venue.  And yes, the bride looks even more beautiful than she already does on Channel 7 News. ♡ 

We were so delighted to have you performing and thought your music was the perfect touch.  – Steph + JD

S+ JD @ Sandalford Winery (Anna Pretorious Photography)

The acoustics in the room was rather special! Comparable to the Quarry Amphitheatre for S+K‘s wedding, we felt that it really covered most parts of the frequencies of our voices and instruments. Think Dolby Surround Sound. 🙂 We entertained the guests with some of our favourite swing and latin classics and peppered it with a few instrumentals as always inspired by jazz ukulele maestro Lyle Ritz, before the couple descended from the Merlot Lawn above as the sun commenced to set.

Then, the DANCE as choreographed by the groom’s mother! We loved their little dance, and Steph’s final graceful pose to their lil romantic duet.

‘Come on with the rain!

I’ve a smile on my face.’

from ‘Singin’ In the Rain’  as sung by Gene Kelly (1952)

S+JD on their wedding day at Sandalford Winery (Anna Pretorious Photography)

There was something so simple to their love despite the sophistication that we saw with the naked eye especially at such a beautiful and spacious venue. They were just really an awesome young couple, genuinely sincere, but with a tremendous taste for old soul music that we could nod profusely to, blessed by their (very good-looking) families who LOVE them to bits. 

Entourage of S+JD – so cute! (Anna Pretorious Photography)

Thank you S + JD, we feel extremely honoured to be in this love-soaked room, and we wish and bless you both with wonderful adventures together in your new steps together.

xx P+M

p/s: We LOVED the couple’s closeups at their engagement shoot by the brilliant Anna Pretorious Photography, so we decided they look better on the cover of our insta-post than our silly Hogwarty things we left to the last. (click on post below to see multiple images)

Y O U N G L O V E // That ⚡️ between S+JD we witnessed playing 🎶 for their wedding but this CLOSEUP magic from their engagement shoot though 📷: @annapretoriusphotographyperth 👆Swipe L (sooo brilliant!) . . Don’t they make you tingle? We have fallen in love all over again. Sigh… 😍 Thank you S + JD for having us. You two are so beautiful inside out. We wish you the loveliest adventures together. ♡ . . // THE WEDDING // . We had the pleasure and honour of playing for this precious couple and their loving aussie/swiss families at @sandalford at the rustic Underground Cellar. We were really touched by their sincerity as they walked up from their dinner just to thank us for the music. 🎶 (They beat us to it!). The bride is even more beautiful than she is on @7newsperth 🤫 . . And if you are wondering, yes, we witnessed that at @sandalford_weddings_ you can achieve sophistication and still have intimacy at once. It’s really what you make of it of course! ♡ Bride’s brother – DJ Matt for example, had ALL the right tunes. 👌 . . Also! A few fun shots incl a faux Hogwarts moment I caught of Moonbeam when he found a piece of broken candlewax after an early soundcheck. Our words of the beautiful day in profile link. 🔗 . . . #iluka #waissobeautiful #loveandromance

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Early soundchecks reap some Hogwarts’ fun.

Pretty Oak Barrels signature of Sandalford Winery (Underground Cellar)